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~ sharing yummy feast is everyday charm ~

A fresh take on Thai

Brought to you by the team behind Thai Splendid, Charm Kitchen has been created to give classic Thai favourites a fresh twist – and give diners an exciting new way to enjoy this much-loved cuisine.

With our passion for sourcing the finest, freshest ingredients, we’ve already perfected a crowd pleasing formula with Thai Splendid, turning our original restaurant into a thriving family of four across NSW and VIC. Now with Charm Kitchen, we’re setting the bar even higher, aiming to dish up a level of culinary innovation never seen before.

While Charm Kitchen’s inviting interiors and enticing menu are designed to delight, the name itself comes from the Thai word for bowl. In Thai culture, a “charm” represents an open, generous approach to sharing and savouring food – and it’s this spirit of openness we hope to capture in the Charm Kitchen experience.

whatever you please

Warm and welcoming, Charm Kitchen is the perfect place to pop in, sit back and share a meal with your nearest and dearest. We want you to feel at home – so relax and enjoy the delicious aromas, mouth-watering flavours and occasional glimpses of cooking action.

There’s never a dull moment at Charm Kitchen. Whether you’re tucking into tender lamb shanks, a zingy green papaya salad, or an irresistible crunchy spring roll, you’re bound to get lost in the moment – at least temporarily! And as for the deep friend ice cream, it’s habit-forming to say the least. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Of course if you don’t have time to join us for a sit down meal, we do takeaway too. Drop by or order over the phone, and we’ll have your taste sensation ready to go in a flash.

Cocktails w. extra charm

Food isn’t the only thing we have fun with at Charm Kitchen – we also like to play with delicious drink concoctions too. We have a tempting range of signature styles, including the ever-popular Coffee Martini and the addictively sweet Toblerone.

Our non-alcoholic mocktails also compliment our menu perfectly. If you’re feeling fruity, try our Icy Strawberry – or for a refreshing, aromatic flavour hit, you can’t go past our trademark Charming Jasmine.

Eat / drink / be charmed


Level 3 Westfield Miranda
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Opening hours
11:30am-10:00pm 7 days

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